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Real Estate Transaction Information Form
(use this form when you have a new transaction in escrow)
Please complete this form and press the submit button when done.  Your file will be given to one of our company transaction coordinators.  They will contact you shortly to get more information about your transaction.
2.  Basic Transaction Information:

 Property Address:                                               City:                                 State:               Zip Code:

 Acceptance Date:                                   Sales Price:                                MLS #                                         
Is this transaction a purchase of a Bank Owned Property (REO) or a Short Sale?  
3.  Buyer and Seller Information:

 Primary Buyer Name:                                      Co-Buyer Name:                                        

 Primary Seller Name:                                      Co-Seller  Name:    
1.  Agent Information:

 Premier Realty Associates Agent:                                    Agent Phone Number:

 Agent Email Address:                                                Agent Fax Number:

 Are your representing the buyer or seller or both?            

  What is the name of the agent on the other side of this transaction?  

  What company do they work for?                                        What is their phone number? 

  What is their email address?    
4.  Title and Escrow Information:

     Please give us the Title and Escrow company information for this transaction.  If you do not know who Title and/or Escrow is, you can leave it blank. Note:  If you do not choose an escrow company, we will take care of that for you by opening escrow with our in house escrow company, Escrow Concepts.  

Title Company:                                                      Title Rep:                              Phone #   

Escrow Company:                                                  Escrow Officer:                           Phone #  

6.  Affiliated Company Information:

     Please give us the information for these affiliated companies.  If you do not know it, leave it blank.  If you are choosing services, you can list the company you would like to use.  If you do not choose a company, we will choose one for you.

     Termite Company:                                                                       Phone Number:  

     Natural Hazard Disclosure:                                                           Phone Number:

     Home Inspection Company:                                                          Phone Number:

     Home Warranty Company:                                                           Phone Number:
7.  Transaction Coordinator Checklist:

     To print out a copy of the Transaction Coordinator Checklist, Click Here.  This is your guide as to what forms are needed for each transaction.  Please contact Jennifer, to get the exact list of all forms required.  

     For all transactions, you may need to have your clients sign some or all of the following forms.  These are NOT forms that you can get from Winforms, so we are providing them here.  These are forms that are specific to USA Realty and Loans, and were created by our company.  They are:
     1.  Advisory for Buyers of Bank-Owned (REO) Properties
     2.  Advisory to Seller Regarding Short Sale
     3.  Addendum to the Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory
     4.  Home Inspection
     5.  Short Sale Transaction......Contingency Removal Advisory
     6.  Disclosure and Recommendation for Buyers of REO Properties

     We use an online based transaction management platform called  This website will allow you to be able to view your transaction and see what forms have been uploaded, and what forms are still missing from the file.  When you contact Jennifer with a new order, she will create a new transaction on the website, and she will email you with the login information.
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5.  Mortgage Company Information:

     If you are representing the buyer, please give us the information for the mortgage company.  

     Mortgage Company:                             Loan Officer:                             Phone Number: